Daniel, anyone?

After our sudden onslaught of serious winter, we reverted to glorious autumn, almost summer, again in my portion of the prairie. Sweet winds, blue skies, blooming pansies in bold, bold colours.  (Whoever first used the phrase “like a pansy” to imply “wimpy” had no acquaintance with the flowers. They’re some of the toughest blossoms in the garden.)

Today, though, it looks as though winter has remembered that it had started a task and is slowly turning around to finish it. My outside thermometer reads bang-on zero. And yes..the pansies are still blooming–that’s some of them up there in the photo.

Does anyone else remember, as children in Sunday School, singing  “Dare to Be a Daniel, dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose firm, and dare to make it known”? I sure do.

I’ve been humming that song a lot lately. I’ve been spending a bit of time in that Old Testament book of Daniel. How had I forgotten that the first several chapters all have happy endings? Eating vegetables proved best; God shut the lions’ mouths; the dreams, identified and interpreted by Daniel came true; and two kings became God-believers through Daniel’s “dare to stand alone,” dare-to-bloom-in-winter kind of faith. Wow! Daniel was a pansy. Who knew?

And most of us think we’re doing well if we’re bold enough to share our faith with a non-threatening stranger. Can we do better? Dare ya.

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Kathleen Gibson is a freelance writer and broadcaster, speaker, columnist, and author. Her work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.
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