Into the Woods

Ever fought thick black clouds of depression? I have. Among other tools I employ to combat it–taught me in a Depression Recovery workshop by Dr. Neil Nedley and my good friend Glenda, a nutritional consultant–is to GET OUTSIDE every day, to breathe deeply, and enjoy God’s good nature.

Through the magic of Smilebox, come along–for a minute or two–with Glenda and me as we don our cross-country skis and head down a rather long (for me!) and breathtakingly beautiful trail. This may not raise your own seratonin levels, but perhaps it’ll inspire you to take in some fresh air yourself. (If you can’t find that where you live, you’re welcome to come and sample the pure prairie air in my beautiful province of Saskatchewan,  Canada.)

Godspeed, and God’s cheer! Now…into the woods. (Play fullscreen by clicking on the icon on the upper right once the slideshow opens.)

About Kathleen Gibson

Kathleen Gibson is a freelance writer and broadcaster, speaker, columnist, and author. Her work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.
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