A Christmas present for my readers…West Nile Diary, the audiobook

Since Rick (my husband) contracted West Nile Disease in 2007, we’ve told his story across North America, both in person, and through the book, West Nile Diary.

Along the way, we’ve heard often that our story has encouraged others facing their own difficult life situations,  particularly health crises. We’ve also heard a repeated request for the book in audio format, from those who either aren’t able to hold it to read it, or simply would rather listen. 

SO….because we love bringing this message of strength and hope, I’ve recorded an audio-version West Nile Diary, and as my Christmas gift, I’ve posted it on my site. If you look up, you’ll find it in the menu under A Christmas Present For You!

Most of the sections (except the first) opens with the sounds of flipping pages, typing, and the quiet humming of one of my favourite hymns. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate well into the mp3 version. Just be patient for the first 10 or 15 seconds, and the reading will come.

Merry Christmas….enjoy the audiobook over the holidays, and please share it with anyone you think needs it! The links may not be permanent.

About Kathleen Gibson

Kathleen Gibson is a freelance writer and broadcaster, speaker, columnist, and author. Her work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.
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