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Can you play with West Nile when you catch it?

Ah, fresh air. Standing outside the house with Dinah Jane one pleasant evening recently, I took a deep breath. And inhaled at least three mosquitoes. “Oh, brother,” said I, “let’s get back in the house before we catch West Nile!” “What’s West Nile, Nana? Can we play with that when we catch it?” she asked. […]

We’ll do the baptism where?

Shop talk among seasoned pastors often brings up tales of memorable weddings, funerals and other church traditions. It did that last Sunday over lunch with friends. Only this time, the stories centered on baptism. Some churches dunk baptismal candidates; others sprinkle and some pour. Some do all three. Some baptize at an altar or in […]

Two days travel post-fall were a perfect set-up for elevation!

Sometimes God lets us fall

  The note from my older sister made me chuckle so long I knew I had to share it. Her comments, however, need a bit of backstory. After a pleasant two-day visit to Beverly’s B.C home in mid-June, the Preacher and I gathered our suitcases and bags for an early morning departure. From our upstairs […]

God reigns, even when it rains

For thirty-six hours over the Canada Day weekend relentless downpours pounded Southeast Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Eight and a half inches in my backyard, according to a bucket on the deck. On the morning the water began seeping up through the sodden ground onto farmfields and into homes, I walked past an open songbook on our keyboard and […]

If we never meet again this side of heaven

If we never meet again this side of heaven

I think about farewells as I write this column on summer’s opening day – a grand one. The sky wears a suitable baby blue with white polka dots. I sit in the front passenger seat of our vehicle, tapping my computer keys. The Preacher, in a celebratory red and white striped shirt, sits behind the […]