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Overcoming technical difficulties in your faith

“Sounds like her, sounds like her, sounds like her…” If a long-play record (anyone remember those?) had been spinning that day, I’d have blamed the strange repeated phrase coming from my stereo on a scratch in the vinyl. An old-fashioned skip. But I sat in the driver’s seat of my car, my radio tuned to […]

Daughter Amanda. From teenager to (decades later) five-star many things, including photographer.

Teenagers do grow up. Really.

Some days, around children’s teen years, parenting feels like a string of first-class flubs, second-guessed decisions, three-strike outs, and four-season battles. But other days bring surprises; reminders from God to stay the course. In my “KEEP” file sits one of those surprises: a folded white card containing a half-page of tiny hand-written script. Our daughter’s […]

A fall (level-ground!) hike with the Beans. I'm grateful for moments like this...even when they don't fall on the traditional day.

Still grateful, after all these years

What? Another Thanksgiving? Like a carousel, they keep coming around, these special holy days. But they come faster, not slower. I haven’t had time to make pumpkin pickles for years. Or preserve autumn leaves by pressing them and coating them with glue, for use as table decorations. Could it really be decades ago that around […]