Far too close…but God!

Maybe you were in one of the northbound cars I met on Highway Nine between eight and eight-thirty that Monday morning.

You couldn’t have known, and neither could I, that with every rotation, all five bolts on my front tire, driver’s side, got looser. That at any moment every single one would shear off and send the tire flying into the northbound lane. You couldn’t have known. But God did.

With impeccable timing, he arranged for the tire to stay on until I’d stopped at the light and it turned green again. Crossing the intersection, I felt my side of the car drop suddenly and heard the nauseating sound of metal grinding on pavement. I watched, horrified, as my tire bounced out from under me and wove its way through traffic. As though guided by an invisible hand, it reached the other side still upright and disappeared into the ditch.

This isn’t my story alone. I realized that strongly in the days following. It’s yours too. For every one of us has been protected from danger, some we never realized we faced. It’s also God’s story – a story of love and grace and Divine protection.

I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Some things are best said that way. This is one.




I wish I knew the reason God kept me safe today.


I wish I knew just why he chose protection over harm.

I wish I’d caught a glimpse of his strong and loving arm.

I wish I’d seen the angels bending low.

I wish I’d seen His finger pointing where to go.


I wonder why God made the choice to keep me safe today.


With grateful heart I testify to his amazing grace.

Today he stopped this sparrow’s fall and I live to sing his praise.

He always has his reasons, plans I cannot see,

So I’ll sing because I’m happy, I’ll sing because I’m free.


Though I wish I knew just why God kept me safe today.


Another hour, another day, another time will come,

When angels play a different role, and God’s arms take me home.

All life here ends and sparrows fall and God sees every one.

But today he chose to catch me and I’m free to fly again.


But I’d love to know the reason God kept me safe today.  


©2018, Kathleen Gibson