The most beautiful Christmas lights of all

The most beautiful Christmas lights of all

Mid-December. Thirty-seven degrees below zero, sunny and no wind. Chickadees chirping, woodpeckers pecking, snow making crisp gasps under my boots. And me, moseying along the row of spruce trees in our side yard, loppers in hand. Humming Christmas. Jesus. Light. I clip the lowest hanging boughs, the ones I know will interfere with the mower […]

Christmas cards still have a purpose

I’m not sure why I bought six boxes of Christmas cards this year, especially since we’ve been sending fewer and fewer recently. I noticed them while shopping for something else, and liked their designs. But mostly, I appreciated their messages. Each card reflected the real reason for the season – the birth of Christ. Cards […]

Jesus – in bed WITH US

I had made the children rag dolls that year. Clown-faced Toby for our son, flaxen-haired Miranda for our daughter. In the very early eighties, the floppy toys became my hand-stitched rebellion against the creeping Cabbage Patch craze. The Patch kids cost thirty bucks to adopt. I’d used remnants and cut apart clothing to make my children’s […]