Update on my Sweet Sixty project – thank you!

Update on my Sweet Sixty project – thank you!

Some of my readers have asked about my Sweet Sixty Project – putting together sixty feminine hygiene kits for use by the organization Days for Girls (, in honour of my sixtieth birthday. Kits assembled by Days for Girls volunteers travel to poor areas of the world where families have no resources to purchase supplies […]

Forever friends...Amanda and John at the May 2016 concert

John McDermott – still sharing a little kindness

Our family is particularly fond of Scottish-Canadian tenor, John McDermott. At the first concert we attended, only a few years into his public singing career, I slipped a note backstage. Our teenage daughter Amanda was with us, I wrote. It’s her birthday. Do you think you could acknowledge her somehow during your concert? John dedicated […]

Give – but give wisely

Eva had a huge heart – no one would deny that. Generous throughout her life, her habit of generosity became overblown in her senior years. She seemed resolved to out-give God himself. But her too often unwise giving choices had the opposite effect she’d hoped for. She became the victim of financial predators, causing immense […]