Hit or miss – God is present

The clock said near midnight, and the speedometer read 100 km/hr. Snow fell lightly, giving just enough sheen in our headlight stream to slightly decrease visibility. And all down that dark country highway Friend Glenda and I munched popcorn and chatted to stay awake. She peered intently through the windshield as she drove. Suddenly her […]

Piles of laughter

Other than these columns, I spend most of my writing energy penning serious letters and emails, on behalf of the amazing politician I work for and with. I’m blessed to do it, and thank God I can. But some days, another vein of writing busts out, a less serious one. God made us in his […]

Trust God through your disease

Ten years ago the Preacher was diagnosed with West Nile Neurological Disease. Five years ago, colon cancer, stage four, followed. This summer marks the point where he will be declared officially in remission.  We’re so grateful. During the cancer journey, I wrote these words to praying friends: “Psalm 20:7 reads, “Some trust in horses, and […]

Missing Stuart McLean

I heard the news on CBC Radio as I pulled into Pita Pit for supper. First came the familiar music of my favourite radio show. Then the voice I and millions of listeners loved so well. “I’m Stuart Mclean and this is the Vinyl Cafe.” The newscaster cut in. “A beloved voice was silenced forever […]

God sees individuals, not groups

Decades ago, my friends and I, along with our pastor, traipsed into a nursing home, intent on “cheering them up,” or so Pastor said. I had just joined my high school band. My trumpet skills lacked, but I knew the others would cover for me – a clarinetist, a pianist, a guitarist and a few […]

Love and learn

Love and learn

Just one word – the word that makes the world go round. LOVE. They asked if I’d speak on that. For forty minutes. I don’t accept many speaking engagements these days, but I said yes to that one. The mission of the event and the organization echoed my own: to make Jesus known; to reflect […]

Bring on the cold – something good is happening

Bring on the cold – something good is happening

The winter wind battered the house last night, howling down the chimney like a wild thing wanting in. All night I cheered it on, remembering the worms. One of the nicest aspects of winter in the prairies is that, unlike our warmer seasons, it’s insect-free. Saskatchewan readers will remember last year’s infestation of worms – […]

Backwards, march!

Backwards, march!

Of the sixteen New Years I have written these faith columns, my first remains my favourite. From the vault, here it is again, slightly edited. Something strange scampers underfoot at our house. One of our clocks, which for years has conformed nicely to the art of proper timekeeping, marches boldly where no Gibson clock has gone before. […]

Give the gift of forgiveness this Christmas

“Give the gift of forgiveness this Christmas,” I read. “Set yourself free.” I had this friend, you see. Sometimes when we were together, I marveled she even called me friend. In so many ways, she seemed beyond me. She came into my life late. Both of our friend slates were full. Neither of us set […]

Just one old boy’s story

It’s not one of the nobler stories from the Second World War, but it’s a very human one. For that reason alone, it deserves telling. Sometimes we forget that the good old boys we’re all so grateful to, were once just that – boys. Newly enlisted, not long from under the umbrella of parents and […]