Mom’s Christmas wish

Mom’s Christmas wish

I have lost a hero, but not forever. A few weeks ago, my 95-year-old mother, Agnes, suffered a heart attack and stroke. I travelled to BC to join my family at her bedside. We spent four days together. Mom had long determined to eke from life every moment possible in order to enjoy the years […]

God, I’m emotional

Some weeks carry too many emotions to stuff inside your skin. Does God understand? What’s more, does he care? Two days ago as of this writing, my sweet mother suffered a stroke and a heart attack. Two provinces east, I’ve kept my phone close since, waiting for my sister’s calls and texts, wondering if I should […]

The Voice On the Porch

The Voice On the Porch

Anything can happen on a porch. Connection. Refreshment. Reflection. Rejection, sometimes. Even buying and selling. As a child in the sixties, I had the chore of sweeping our small, utilitarian front porch clear of its weekly accumulation of dirt and spiders. Rarely do I remember anyone but company using that porch – and door-to-door salesmen […]

Refresh your faith at lunch

I’ve joined a noon hour Bible study group for women, most of whom work in the downtown area. For the first time in several years, rather than talking about faith to larger groups, I’m connecting weekly, face-to-face, with a small group. As a member, not a leader. We’re three weeks in now, studying three biblical women, Elizabeth, Mary […]

In times like these, we need an anchor

On the terror-stricken day of the assault on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill by a radical young Islamist, people around the world watched in horror at the chilling images broadcast from the capital of our peace-loving country. “In times like these, we need a Saviour. In times like these, we need an anchor.” As a child, the […]

Overcoming technical difficulties in your faith

“Sounds like her, sounds like her, sounds like her…” If a long-play record (anyone remember those?) had been spinning that day, I’d have blamed the strange repeated phrase coming from my stereo on a scratch in the vinyl. An old-fashioned skip. But I sat in the driver’s seat of my car, my radio tuned to […]

Daughter Amanda. From teenager to (decades later) five-star many things, including photographer.

Teenagers do grow up. Really.

Some days, around children’s teen years, parenting feels like a string of first-class flubs, second-guessed decisions, three-strike outs, and four-season battles. But other days bring surprises; reminders from God to stay the course. In my “KEEP” file sits one of those surprises: a folded white card containing a half-page of tiny hand-written script. Our daughter’s […]

A fall (level-ground!) hike with the Beans. I'm grateful for moments like this...even when they don't fall on the traditional day.

Still grateful, after all these years

What? Another Thanksgiving? Like a carousel, they keep coming around, these special holy days. But they come faster, not slower. I haven’t had time to make pumpkin pickles for years. Or preserve autumn leaves by pressing them and coating them with glue, for use as table decorations. Could it really be decades ago that around […]