Grace - contemplating piano chords - which one tonight?

God bless the beasts

Strolling through a crowded craft fair, I encountered a mountain of a dog; tawny, brawny and very tall. A woman with an obvious disability walked alongside, gripping its harness. Both looked resolutely forward, ignoring the curious stares around them. “That’s a magnificent working dog,” I remarked to the man following slightly behind the pair. “What […]

Please pass the grace

Please pass the grace

In my quiet moments, when I count my many blessings, when I name them one by one, and can’t reach list’s end, it comes to me: I don’t deserve this. In the last few weeks, I had two conversations that remind me I’m not alone in that feeling of unworthiness. “I don’t know why God […]

Ultimate Pirate Repellant

Ultimate Pirate Repellant

The door exploded inwards, and two grandbeans busted into the house. All excited. “Nana, we SAVED a dragonfly today!” “Wow! Bravo! Amazing!” Grins. High fives. “So is he going to heaven now?” A bit of eye-rolling ensued. “Nana. You know that dragonflies can’t go to heaven. Jesus didn’t die for THEM.” “Oh. That’s a pity. […]

And this (yes, really) is the Preacher...same place, same time. Oh dear...did I really make him that jumpsuit?

How to mess up a meat loaf – and grow a marriage

I had much to learn as a bride at nineteen. But the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him ,” and the Lord God knows I tried to be that helper to my man. My enthusiasm surpassed my ignorance, in […]

Let’s talk about our messes and our blessings

Let’s talk about our messes and our blessings

10:21 p.m. I sit in the very yellow space that serves as my office. My book collection lines one wall. The books I hope to read, the books someone recommended I read, the ones I bought for their artwork or bindings, those that hulk there for a rare reference, the ones I keep because I […]

What the world needs now is…a sticky note

So many areas of our groaning world need transforming these days. Unspeakable atrocities spew through the media. Not to make light of all that, but I propose that sticky-notes could help. I caught the sticky-note bug from the Post-it Queen. At least, that’s what I came to call my co-worker during the weeks we worked […]

Can you play with West Nile when you catch it?

Ah, fresh air. Standing outside the house with Dinah Jane one pleasant evening recently, I took a deep breath. And inhaled at least three mosquitoes. “Oh, brother,” said I, “let’s get back in the house before we catch West Nile!” “What’s West Nile, Nana? Can we play with that when we catch it?” she asked. […]