A gift of heart, from gifted hands

A gift of heart, from gifted hands

On a holiday outing that included my boss and co-workers, we visited a shop stuffed with unique handcrafted items. While wandering through, I pointed out a long, narrow table. “I need something like this in our hallway at home.” “I could build one for you,” said my boss, standing nearby. “Just send a picture of […]

Small church, big church – worship matters most

Small church, big church – worship matters most

In a televised sermon, an internationally known pastor of a large urban church recently stated that families who raise their children in churches of less than several hundred are “stinkin’ selfish” and “care nothing about the next generation.” His uncharitable comments reflected ignorance. Fully half of Christian churches (Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox) in the US […]

What do you see?

Look beyond the worms

As I write, Saskatchewan’s Echo Lake, only yards from where I sit, shifts restless in the breeze, its surface strewn with whitecaps, sun-diamonds and the occasional boat. A robin rushes to and fro from a nest only a few feet above my head, worm in beak each time. Three trees face me. Jack pine, Manitoba […]

Listen to the one voice that matters most

For most of my adult years, I’ve kept my stick-straight hair fairly short. But before having children, it reached halfway down my back. When our first baby began using it for a pull toy and teether, I paid my hairdresser a visit and a few dollars. Back home, my husband took one look at my […]

Audience with an artist

I toured the working studio of Nanaimo artist Carole Reid one day. An easel stood in the corner. Unusual tools and creations in process filled the work surfaces. Finished art, sketches and project ideas decorated the walls. Paint is only one of Carole’s mediums. She makes paper. She carves lino. She collects odd things and […]

Write your love, add your faith

A pair of good friends, devoted Christ-followers, joined us for dinner one evening. Our conversation deepened from chatty to heartfelt when I asked the husband a question. “Larry, tell us about your relationship to Jesus Christ? How did it begin?” I really wanted to know. A quiet, reflective man, he thought a while before answering. Then the […]

Tax time – squirm time

We didn’t intend to cheat the government. We took the word of others instead of checking facts ourselves. We assume, naively, that our good intentions meant we had right on our side. Well. Not much good ever comes of assuming things. Refusing to look for the fact of the matter is a lot like burying […]

A treasure of words

A treasure of words

I discovered treasure last New Year’s morning while lazing long in bed and scrolling through Facebook. The day had begun differently. No getting up in the dark, scrambling for office clothes, downing bran with raisins, vitamins and lemon water. No packing lunch. No parrot making tender tentative, “I’m awake now, please lift the blanket” tweets […]

A few birthdays ago...two of the beans and me.

Birthdays – always a reason to celebrate

Stolen from my daughter’s Facebook page: [Footsteps in the dark. “Mama, I need to enjoy my last day of being seven!” “Dinah Jane, what time is it?” “6:30.” “I just got Ezra back to sleep. Please go back to your room. You can enjoy your last day of being seven after 7:00.” Well, there were […]

Divine romance

Divine romance

The Preacher performed a wedding on New Year’s Eve. I tagged along, right down the luminary-lined walkway into a fairyland of twinkling lights and joyful people. Not knowing anyone, I simply observed. As he always does, Rick began the ceremony with a joke about a little girl named Suzy who rushed home from school one […]