The old gray cells — they ain’t what they used to be

Both my darlin’ parents, 90 and 95 now, suffer from age-related mental tiredness. Forgetfulness, verging on dementia, some may say. I’m years below sixty, but I’m positive they inherited it from me. Occasionally during conversations, I can’t get the proper word out. I do a mental scramble, searching for a substitute, and spit it out […]

Mom and Dad and my adopted sister Sandra, July 17, 1952

Lord, thank you for my parents

One day, God only knows when, I’ll wake up without a father. Dad, 90 now, can’t walk without assistance and he forgets more than he remembers. But he remembers the important things. God, his wife and children and most of the nearby descendants. Usually. He remembers the far past too, and almost every time we […]

Too busy for joy?

“I’m busy, busy, frightfully busy! You’ve no idea what I have to do…” Like that Veggie Tales tune that keeps playing in my head, the “I’m-too-busy-to…” theme runs like a sticky thread through my days.  Three such threads have already woven themselves into this morning’s fabric. A friend lamented in a note that too many […]

Keep faith in God’s promise

Keep faith in God’s promise

Well into April, it snowed. Again. Lord, I hate myself for complaining, but I did. I may have even accused God of going to Florida for winter. I may also have repented later. Then I acted on what I knew to be true. The calendar verified it. I shoveled the white stuff off the back […]

Fur and feathers face off

Fur and feathers face off

After we adopted Grace Cat, spicy with a hint of left-over predator from his stray days, Ernie, our Amazon Green parrot, got his beak out of joint. He sulked at the intrusion of fur in his territory, and rarely came out of his cage. Prior to Grace, we often left Ernie’s cage open so he could come […]

Ancoro Imparo

Ancoro Imparo

At our house, my favourite door hangs on the wall. Shabby, five-panelled, cream-coloured. With peeling paint and thirteen knobs. It can’t do what it once did, but what it does now is needed and valuable. The door came to us older than old; grimy from years of neglect in a friend’s shed. But it had […]

Watoto’s kids – running to the light

I’ve just attended a performance of the famous Watoto Children’s Choir. Seeing African people sing and dance makes my body hurt. They bend in places I don’t even have joints. The word Watoto is Swahili for ‘children’.  But Watoto is not only a choir – it’s a movement of faith. Like the children themselves – […]

Walking with giants

Spiritual giants may not frequent the front pews at church or parade across the platform. And they don’t advertise as poster people for the Christian faith. But walk alongside one awhile, and you’ll soon understand what it really means to follow Jesus. I know people like that. In fact, I look for them, though they […]

The Sign on Highway 10

The Sign on Highway 10

Under the circumstances. Ever camped there, feeling flatter than grass under snow?  At times like that, everyone needs a sign that reminds us that God knows and cares. That we can trust him to point the way to living triumphantly over the “stuff and sins” that weigh us down. That, regardless of our circumstances, we […]

Amazing love...how can it be? (photo taken at The Promise - 2014-Yorkton)

Enter stage left….Easter

For the second time in three days, I slipped into a theatre seat to watch “The Promise,” a recent local musical based on the life of Christ. I knew some of the actors in the cast, including the man playing Jesus. But it seemed too short the first time, so I wanted to see it […]