Ancoro Imparo

Ancoro Imparo

At our house, my favourite door hangs on the wall. Shabby, five-panelled, cream-coloured. With peeling paint and thirteen knobs. It can’t do what it once did, but what it does now is needed and valuable. The door came to us older than old; grimy from years of neglect in a friend’s shed. But it had […]

Watoto’s kids – running to the light

I’ve just attended a performance of the famous Watoto Children’s Choir. Seeing African people sing and dance makes my body hurt. They bend in places I don’t even have joints. The word Watoto is Swahili for ‘children’.  But Watoto is not only a choir – it’s a movement of faith. Like the children themselves – […]

Walking with giants

Spiritual giants may not frequent the front pews at church or parade across the platform. And they don’t advertise as poster people for the Christian faith. But walk alongside one awhile, and you’ll soon understand what it really means to follow Jesus. I know people like that. In fact, I look for them, though they […]

The Sign on Highway 10

The Sign on Highway 10

Under the circumstances. Ever camped there, feeling flatter than grass under snow?  At times like that, everyone needs a sign that reminds us that God knows and cares. That we can trust him to point the way to living triumphantly over the “stuff and sins” that weigh us down. That, regardless of our circumstances, we […]

Amazing love...how can it be? (photo taken at The Promise - 2014-Yorkton)

Enter stage left….Easter

For the second time in three days, I slipped into a theatre seat to watch “The Promise,” a recent local musical based on the life of Christ. I knew some of the actors in the cast, including the man playing Jesus. But it seemed too short the first time, so I wanted to see it […]

Got a ruffled spirit? Me too

Got a ruffled spirit? Me too

Numerous ill winds unsettle my spirit as I write this week. Some breezes blow stronger than others. Since I can’t concentrate on a single worthy thing, may I talk about those? Perhaps your interior weather looks the same today.   My ninety-year-old dad is in the hospital recovering from a life-threatening infection. He’s getting good care, […]

One of the Bohemian waxwing flock, enjoying the dried winter plums. They didn't mind their "ornamental" status.

Bird Lessons

I adopted a Bohemian waxwing several years ago, a broken-winged champion I found in the alley. He lived for six months, and I’ve had a fondness for birds of that feather ever since. Waxwings don’t visit regularly, but a flock found our backyard one sunny day recently. Twenty below zero, spring, three days old; snow […]

Explaining Facebook to older folks

At ninety and ninety-five, my parent’s world has narrowed to their pocket-sized apartment. To four homecare visits daily, word search puzzles and a flat screen television, rarely turned on. My brother and sister live nearby and check in often, but my home sits two provinces over, so I phone instead. In one of those calls, […]

Be it ever so humble...there's no place like home.

No place like home

Our seven-year-old grandbean watched her littlest sister, only weeks old, snuggling into her mother. Issuing mews of contentment. “Mama,” she blurted, “We all say there’s no place like home. But I think Lois is saying, ‘there’s no place like Mama. There’s no place like Mama. No place like Mama.’” Even Butterfly knows: No sweet spot […]

Sugar, Sugar

Remember the nursery rhyme about the girl with the curl? “When she was good, she was very, very good. But when she was naughty, she was HORRIBLE.” That’s me, in the area of sweets. Mostly I behave well. But when I don’t, I really don’t. And lately, I haven’t. A few Fridays ago, I sat […]