I remember some young soldiers. Keen, full of bravado. Cowlicks barely tamed, acne still embarrassing. One young friend, a reservist I’ll call Hal, came back from overseas outwardly unscathed; full of curiosity about the cultures and people he’d encountered. He came over for a visit. Sat beside an oak cabinet in our living room. Looked […]

Never imagine God can’t use you

A few years back, I brought my antique Singer treadle machine to my workplace, a large, sparsely furnished office. It didn’t fit our small home anymore, but I wasn’t quite ready to part with it. My mother taught me to sew on a treadle. Considering my accident-prone nature, she chose that over her electric. I […]

Ready or not, we have a new prime minister

I feel older these days. We Canadians have elected a prime minister almost young enough to be my son. I listened to Mr. Trudeau’s words carefully following his election. He smiled a lot. Talked of sunny days and sunny ways. Of hope, love and trust. Of better always being possible in Canada. Optimistic, greeting-card-ready words. […]

Negotiating Uncertainty

By the time you read this, Canada’s general election will be over. But I’m writing this a few days before, live from the state of Uncertainty.* As it often does in other circumstances – health, relationships, transitions, for instance, it has opened its gate and summoned our country in. Me, too. For over four years, at […]

Let that little light shine

  It’s a hard, dark country, Wales. At least it seemed so to me as I travelled its narrow high roads one wet September. The canyons below, the cliffs above and mountains beyond all wore the same foreboding hue. So did village roofs. Under rain, they glowed black as ravens’ wings, and looked as ominous. […]

Happy Everything, but mostly Thanksgiving!

Happy Everything, but mostly Thanksgiving!

Amanda started the idea. “Mom,” she texted, “Do you have plans for Saturday? I think we should do Thanksgiving. I’ll do the turkey and a pumpkin cheesecake.” “I like that,” I responded. With our son Anthony home from BC and Mom G and Great-Uncle Neil visiting from Ontario, it seemed fitting to celebrate together, even if two […]

Go ahead – act like a shrew

“What’s Grace after?” The Preacher pointed at the cat, toying with something alive near the woodpile. A small body catapulted into the air and landed on the grass, only to be batted into orbit once more. “A frog, I think.” I went over to see. Rather than the brown amphibian I expected, I found a […]

My powerful little mother-in-law (the Preacher in background). She celebrated her 80th birthday recently, and just helped me do the same with my (gulp!) 59th. We took this photo at the Whistle Stop in Norquay, SK -- neat place and really great food.

Thanks God, for my other mother

While searching for a greeting card in my stockpile, I found some lovely ones for mothers. I wish I’d sent them while Mom still lived, but I usually waited too late, so called instead. I’ll give them to someone with a living mother, I thought at first. But another person deserves those cards, and when […]

Sherah's portrait. And she thinks I'm beautiful!

Do I really look like that?

After lunch on our back deck one warm day, an artist friend, visiting with her husband, asked all the grandbeans who would sit still if she could draw their picture. Four of the children managed to restrain their wiggles, and the results charmed us all. Like most children, our grandbeans love to draw – usually […]

Sometimes God uses our own voice to tell us what to do

Sometimes God uses our own voice to tell us what to do

I didn’t make resolutions at the start of this year. Instead I decided to start paying close attention to the things I hear often from my own lips. They often begin with, “One day, I’m going to…” or “I should…” or “I need to be…” I wrote a few of those down, back in January. One day I’m […]