Do it all for God’s glory

Do it all for God’s glory

I ‘m sewing again, for the first time in eons. It started with a trip to the store to buy six kitchen chair cushions – and a trip from the store without any kitchen chair cushions. “I refuse to pay $15.99 apiece for cushions I like, let alone ones I don’t,” I told the Preacher later. […]

Planning a good death

Karen’s last sentence caught me: “Will you help me prepare for a good death?” The question came at the end of a newsletter from a Christian author I’ve followed for years. For a teeny, alarmed second I wondered if Karen spoke of assisted suicide. I should have known better. Karen didn’t request assistance to die […]

Homeless no longer...Dan and Jaime McLeod

Faith and hope kept this family together

What do you do when your landlord increases your rent from $750 to$1600? Especially when you often already have more month left at the end of the money than money at the end of the month. Imagine you’ve lived in that rented home for eight years. You have one family income and three children still […]

A flower for love

Give. That’s what love does best

Small faces bloom under my friend Rhonda’s paintbrush. Her canvasses come to her as children, but a few minutes later they leave as butterflies, tigers, flowers or pets. Even superheroes. Rhonda’s art impresses me, but her character moves me. As her skilled hands paint young cheeks, foreheads and hands, I see a greater art form at play. […]

As much as I like it...it's not this one.

The perfect hat for Christians

Never jump off a bridge to rescue a hat, someone wise told me once. Not even, I suppose, the most recent addition to my winter wardrobe arsenal. Brown mock-suede with a deep fur trim, I wear it only when winter slaps my face, mocks the memory of summer and sucks every thought but one through […]

Got a derelict spirit? I know this guy….

Got a derelict spirit? I know this guy….

The derelict old house on the prairie belongs to a farmer friend, a man attached to the land and the things attached to it. On a breezy fall bike ride, my grandbean led us there, pedaling hard and fast, as though it called him. We’ve visited the abandoned Sears (I suspect) pre-war home before. We […]

Lessons of the nesting cups

Lessons of the nesting cups

Most of the toys my two babies played with over three decades ago have been tossed or passed on to others. But not the twelve green, yellow, red and blue nesting cups. Over thirty-odd years, seven* moves, two children and five grandbeans, we’ve never lost one. Not even the tiniest blue cup, small enough to […]

Nana, mind your tongue!

“Oh, be careful little tongue what you say,” goes the old Sunday School song. “For the Father up above is looking down in love….” I should have been singing that the day my daughter and I had a conversation in her van. In the back sat three-year-old Benjamin Bean, half-asleep in his car seat. The […]