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I’m Kathleen Gibson, faith and life columnist, writer of Sunny Side Up. Over two decades of writing, I’ve had the privilege of writing for media large and small, including a short stint as a magazine editor (long enough to remember why I chose writing instead–saved by a massive downsizing!) and a few years with one of my favourite magazines, Reader’s Digest. But I’ve loved none of those writing assignments as much as Sunny Side Up, my long-time weekly faith and life newspaper column,  still published weekly in Yorkton This Week since 2001, and elsewhere.

My books  Practice by Practice–The Art of Everyday Faith, (Word Alive Press, 2010) — a compilation of some of the favorite Sunny Side Up columns, and West Nile Diary: One Couple’s Triumph Over a Deadly Disease. (BPSBooks, 2009) Both books are available through the publisher’s websites, bookstores and on Amazon sites. Signed copies are available only from me. Please email, if you prefer those.

Beloved friends and family, God love ‘em, (and protect me from litigation) appear often in Sunny Side Up. The Preacher and I are parents of two young adults, in-law to one, and Nana and Gampa to one two three four FIVE of the cutest, human be’ins in the world. (I call them my beans in my columns, if you ever wonder. That’s #5 with me up there).

One more title comes to mind–the one I like best. Child. God calls me that in the quiet of my spirit when he wants my attention (often). Though I write about many things–holy and otherwise–my faith is intrinsic to all my words. Long before Facebook, Pinterest, cell phones, or email, Jesus Christ issued me an invitation to become his friend. I accepted, and he welcomed me into his (sometimes rather messy and troublesome, I hate to admit) tribe of born-again pagans. (Others are welcome to join anytime!)

My favourite clergyman and I have lived in Saskatchewan, the province dab-smack in the middle of the Canadian prairies, for over two decades now. Here we have only two seasons: winter and mosquitoes. Nevertheless, of all the places on our beleagured, beloved planet, this is the one that most constantly beckons me home. For now, anyway.

Welcome here–and go well on all your rivers. God’s cheer, from the Preacher and me!

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