Encounter With a Skeleton

Bones have fascinated our son from his childhood. I remember the day that began. At three, after a bad case of whooping cough, he needed weeks of physiotherapy in the hospital clinic. After one of his sessions, I stood discussing his progress with the therapist. Tired of our talk, Anthony hopped off the low table […]

Take What You Do Best–And Give It Away

As our family drove home from Canada Day celebrations, the day rapidly changed moods. Since morning, we’d enjoyed sunshine at a heritage site about an hour southwest. Now, in stark contrast to the blue and gold, the afternoon sky became a collage of bizarre cloud formations. Some, blinding white and shaped like colossal cauliflowers, grew […]

Washday Wonderings

This morning, simply to celebrate the sun, I hung our wash outside to dry. Strung each piece against tree and sky. Threaded them like odd-shaped beads on a high wire. Shirts and towels immediately began flirting with the breeze. Slacks and capris danced jigs in perfect time with the wind. And in clear view of […]

Invite Someone Home

When did the lovely art of hospitality start to leave us? It dangles by a fraying thread, it seems. Even among Christ-followers, mandated to share both home and food, the hardened shears of too-much-business, and too-little-love have almost snipped it from among us. The Preacher and I recently accepted an invitation to share a meal […]

Making Peace With the Rain

In our slice of the prairies, we`ve seen the sun so seldom this spring I’ve decided not to waste it. So I’m writing outside this sunny morning, perched on an old willow chair in my favourite part of our backyard. Birdsong surrounds me, and the wind whispers through this grove of old maples. It toys […]

God Looks Past Our Stickers

Before he left home, our son Anthony spent a peck of time at the home of one of his friends. I didn’t know that friend’s family, and I wondered when a bill for his room and board would arrive. A decade later, I’ve finally met that mother. By a happy lack of planning, she sat […]

Time for a New Bible, Perhaps?

My dearest book, my favourite gift from my sister Beverly, is bedraggled and weary. God’s lively Word, encased in tattered cardboard, is coming unhinged.  Like me, some days. In case you’ve ever wondered, the Bible is the backbone behind these weekly columns. God uses it to help keep my Sunny Side Up and retrieve it […]

Beyond the Swimsuit Issue

We took to the water recently, the Preacher and I. Bodies filled the indoor pool, sporting a colorful array of swimsuits, in varying coverages. We wore boring, conservative styles, befitting our weathered frames. A few decades ago, we looked different. I shrieked the first time I saw the Preacher in a bathing suit—a roaring-twenties-style, one […]

Plant Your Seeds Well

The Preacher and I have just returned to Hope House after a two week road-trip, sandwiching visits to family and friends between speaking engagements. Things changed in our absence. The forest of maples in our side yard had no foliage when we left. They’ve birthed both leaves and seed-clusters since. Our rhubarb had barely broken […]

What Do You Think You Have?

I have phantom fuzz. “You have WHAT?” said the Preacher, when he walked into the bedroom and found me inspecting my left foot. “Phantom fuzz.” Toe jam. You know. Dead skin, sock fluff, sand, dirt. All mixed up with accumulated skin oils and bacteria.  A piece or collection of pieces of something nasty that has, […]