k-3-2014-sm2This I believe: Life is always short, often beautiful, and usually way too complicated. God is always large, always loving, and forever good–even when that looks doubtful. I’m very small,  (well, less small than I used to be!) and very simple. And faith is always necessary. So is chocolate.

I’ve written and spoken about all that and more for a few decades, here and there, in many hundreds of newspaper and magazine columns and articles,  as well as in my books and radio spots. You’ll find a little of my writing, and a lot of my life, here. I blog (whenever I feel like it — twice a year on a good year!) at Ramblings, but every week, I post my weekly faith and life newspaper columns at Sunny Side Up. For information on Simple Words, my daily inspirational radio spot, check the  menu. I’m also on Facebook. Poke around!

Divine cheer to you…  Kathleen

(Just because I know some will wonder…the strange trinity on my header were carved from tree trunks by Radium, B.C.’s famous (and highly entertaining!) artist and mountain man, Rolf Seer. I spoke with him briefly when I toured his studio, Home of a Thousand Faces.)

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