My RSS sent you a very old post…here’s something more recent

Hi there. Funny! I haven’t written anything recently on my Ramblings blog page, but last week my site’s RSS feed kicked the last entry, written over a year ago, out to my subscribers. My apologies. I’m not sure why that happened. Most who received it will know that the news there was stale as yesterday’s porridge, and that much has happened in the Preacher’s and my lives since, especially after the Preacher was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this summer. Double C, I call it, and I’m journalling the journey at .  I still post my newspaper columns on my Sunny Side Up page, (

I don’t mention my “other job” often, for confidentiality reasons, but yes, I still work full-time for my Member of Parliament, primarily in the communications arena. I’ve never known so much about politics as I do currently. I’ve never prayed so often not to become cynical. And I’ve never respected a politician more than I respect the man I work for. I thank God daily for the work he has provided.

Go well. And now that I’ve said all that, I may come back here more often!

About Kathleen Gibson

Kathleen Gibson is a freelance writer and broadcaster, speaker, columnist, and author. Her work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.
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