About Simple Words

I grew up without a television, huddled around radio dramas, news broadcasts, and Christmas morning addresses by the Queen. Pretty heady stuff for a child with a far more vivid imagination than television allows.

Later in life, occasional freelance broadcast work for CBC Radio cemented my early love of radio. Sitting in studio, headphones on—for me, few workdays could compare with those.

One day, I posted a yellow sticky note at the top of my computer. “Pray about doing radio spots,” it said. I began praying that if it fit in with God’s plans, he’d make a way to broadcast short, simple words of faith over radio waves.

For awhile, on the invitation of a local radio station, I hosted a book review show with the (original !) tag “Between Covers.” Then, a decade or so after I posted the sticky note, that show nudged me into the very thing I’d been praying about—short and simple inspirational radio spots, titled Simple Words. God takes his sweet time…but his is always perfect timing.

Simple Words have since flown free and far, over several continents. It’s my prayer God continues to use those timeless words to touch lives and plant seeds of truth in listening hearts.

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