I sit in our sunny, birdsong saturated backyard—the result of my someday hope. Someday, I often told my husband, during our decades of parsonage living. “Someday I hope we will own a home of our own.”

Someday never comes, they say. I say it does. At least it has for me. Our own home, two in succession now, is proof. God cares about our someday hopes.

“Someday,” the old saints said, “I won’t need this walker, this wheelchair. I’ll dance again. Run again. Someday, but not yet. Not Monday, or Tuesday, or any other of the days on our calendars. But my someday is on God’s calendar. Mark my words. And trust His!”

Today they dance. Their someday came too.

“Someday, the silver cord shall break,” goes the old gospel song, “and I no more shall sing. But, oh, the joy when I awake, within the palace of the King!”

The best someday hope yet. The best home yet.


Are you a writer? I’ve joined the FB page “Five Minute Friday,” which challenges Christian writers to write for five minutes on the subject of a Friday prompt word or two. (I’ll see what comes of that. I generally edit my words fairly strictly…this is like going out with curlers in one’s hair–anyone remember those? Speaking of someday…someday I hope to have natural curls.)

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