Jesus – in bed WITH US

I had made the children rag dolls that year. Clown-faced Toby for our son, flaxen-haired Miranda for our daughter. In the very early eighties, the floppy toys became my hand-stitched rebellion against the creeping Cabbage Patch craze. The Patch kids cost thirty bucks to adopt. I’d used remnants and cut apart clothing to make my children’s […]

Dreams and Divine messages

Sleep upsets the baggage cart of our daytime thoughts and experiences, jumbling them in ways that often make no sense. The Preacher and I both dream. Some of those night journeys are nonsensical and entertaining, others are upsetting. Rarely have they been messages from God. In one of my dreams, the Preacher, with obvious sadness, […]

Post-election ponderings

For the last l-o-o-n-g period, I’ve observed the electoral circus south of the border; the interminable debacle that will forever be known as the biggest shake-up in the history of USA national elections. I haven’t felt qualified to make any comments publicly, though the Preacher would tell you I’ve made many private ones, which I […]

Just one old boy’s story

It’s not one of the nobler stories from the Second World War, but it’s a very human one. For that reason alone, it deserves telling. Sometimes we forget that the good old boys we’re all so grateful to, were once just that – boys. Newly enlisted, not long from under the umbrella of parents and […]

 Down and defeated doesn’t mean down and out

 Down and defeated doesn’t mean down and out

I will, perhaps, never forget my first glimpse of Earl. I met him on a bitter cold April afternoon. The friend who called to alert us said he’d arrived the evening before. Said he’d spotted him from his living room window; huddling motionless under a naked tree across the road. Wet. Bedraggled. Resigned. Not even minding curious […]

Some typos speak trooth

Misspelled words. Poor grammar. Hilarious typos. When we find them, we smile. In contrast to cold, brilliant technology, they remind us we’re human. In a national magazine, I recently read a sentence that startled me. At first I couldn’t understand why. When I read it aloud, it sounded correct. Scanning again, I spotted the culprit. […]

Notre Dame Basilica - Ottawa, Canada

Protestants and Catholics can share enduring truth

My friend Judy and I arrived at our Ottawa hotel on a Sunday night about 6:30. Dropping our bags, we dialed a taxi and rushed back out. “Where to?” the driver asked as we settled in the back. “Notre Dame Basilica, on Sussex Drive.” I said. I’m Protestant, but Judy’s Catholic – and so is […]

From a distance...looking doable.

Grateful for company on the climb

  Viewed from a distance through a car window, the hills that border Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle valley appear soft and gradual. They lie. For years I said I’d like to climb one of those infant mountains; sure I could reach the top in minutes. While attending a conference in the valley recently I had the opportunity. […]

The old house has been transformed

If houses had feelings, I’d call our old parsonage happy now. Its quiet street lies outside our normal routes, so we don’t see it often, but I recently suggested we commit a drive-by viewing. The Preacher and I, with my visiting sister and brother-in-law in tow, pulled up to the home we’d loved for sixteen […]

Great Uncle's magic lessons - unforgettable

It’s what’s inside that counts

Great-uncle Willy carried magic in his pocket. The cotton-haired senior didn’t visit often, but each time he did, he tricked us. My sister and I adored him for that, and still remember his generous spirit. My memory of Sunday afternoons with Uncle Willy linger, though decades have vanished between the idyllic years of childhood innocence […]