Give – but give wisely

Eva had a huge heart – no one would deny that. Generous throughout her life, her habit of generosity became overblown in her senior years. She seemed resolved to out-give God himself. But her too often unwise giving choices had the opposite effect she’d hoped for. She became the victim of financial predators, causing immense […]

Listen to the one voice that matters most

For most of my adult years, I’ve kept my stick-straight hair fairly short. But before having children, it reached halfway down my back. When our first baby began using it for a pull toy and teether, I paid my hairdresser a visit and a few dollars. Back home, my husband took one look at my […]

Pme pf my favourite pics of Mom in her younger years, two of my siblings on her lap.

Sifting through Mom’s treasures

When I returned from my 95 year old mother’s funeral, two provinces over, I brought an entire suitcase of memories with me; passed on by my older sister who bore the burden of the major sorting of our parent’s possessions. At home, the case sat untouched for weeks. On the day I felt ready to […]

REAL Grandparenting

REAL Grandparenting

Something happens on one’s inside when the season of grandparenting arrives. (Something happens on one’s outside too, but that’s a subject for another column.) In the classic children’s book, The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams, a stuffed toy rabbit, who had observed real live rabbits playing in the garden, asks a well-beloved and much-used rocking horse in […]

Audience with an artist

I toured the working studio of Nanaimo artist Carole Reid one day. An easel stood in the corner. Unusual tools and creations in process filled the work surfaces. Finished art, sketches and project ideas decorated the walls. Paint is only one of Carole’s mediums. She makes paper. She carves lino. She collects odd things and […]

Untangling jargon

On the right day, at the scheduled time, my co-worker and I adjusted our bifocals. Then we sat down in front of my work computer for an introduction to the office’s newly installed file management program. Over speaker phone, an enthusiastic company rep introduced himself as Tim and requested permission to remotely connect to our […]

Write your love, add your faith

A pair of good friends, devoted Christ-followers, joined us for dinner one evening. Our conversation deepened from chatty to heartfelt when I asked the husband a question. “Larry, tell us about your relationship to Jesus Christ? How did it begin?” I really wanted to know. A quiet, reflective man, he thought a while before answering. Then the […]

Married? Tend to the small things

Married? Tend to the small things

Every marriage, even a long-established partnership like ours, needs small habits to help keep the wheels attached. Speaking kindly. Laughing together. A hug for no reason. A handclasp in the dark. Notes on the pillow. Calls or texts to touch base. Unexpected gifts. Silly rituals, like a hip bump every time you meet in one […]

Because Jesus lives…

Because Jesus lives…

The Preacher brought the latest Joey and Rory DVD home the other day. Their final concert. October, 2015. The windows of the concert hall barn glow. Music seeps out, the kind you’d expect to hear on a quiet Tennessee country evening. Strung up between guitar and banjo, carried on voices smoky and sweet. Happy and […]

Tax time – squirm time

We didn’t intend to cheat the government. We took the word of others instead of checking facts ourselves. We assume, naively, that our good intentions meant we had right on our side. Well. Not much good ever comes of assuming things. Refusing to look for the fact of the matter is a lot like burying […]